Fox Apps, LLC offers complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

The services we offer include:

On small screens and large screens, having the right design for your application is critical. Users want to launch the app, perform that one function and get out. With the right design, the information flow in the app becomes intuitive, and the right use of color, texture and layout makes the app memorable and sticky. Fox Apps, LLC offers high quality application design services for all platforms and these services can be added to the overall development project.

This is the primary, and the most important service we offer. Our team of developers have the right skills to deploy your app on all major mobile platforms. Whether you are developing a complex multiplayer iPhone game or a simple tip calculator, we have the team with the right skill-set to test the app thoroughly and make sure that the app is free of any glitches.

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