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Flex Track is specifically designed for tracking a Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA). It keeps it separate from your other accounts for easy monitoring. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is set up by you and your employer each year with a predetermined amount of money for medical expenses. You have till December 31st to use it or LOSE IT. Any remaining balance is LOST forever. This money is intended to be used on medical expenses (hospital, doctor, health care, medications, see your plan adviser for allowable items). The money you elect to put in your Flex Account is a PRE-TAX deduction and saves you money. JUST BE SURE TO TRACK IT BEFORE YOU LOSE IT. Flex Track is also excellent for tracking any budget! You always know how much you have left to spend. This App allows you to: *Enter the starting balance *Start date (normally January 1st) and End date (normally Dec 31st) *Track all individual transactions by payee, date, amount, cleared and notes *Auto Populate repeat payees with a drop down menu. No need to re-type the same name or medication provider again and again and again! It EASY to enter repeat payees. *Easily email transactions in HTML for record keeping before you start your next year. Don't potentially lose hundreds of dollars just because you forgot about it or didn't know how much time or balance you had left.


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Order Drinks with your iPhone/Touch/iPad!

> 8 Changeable Favorites
> Flashing Screen (Grab the bar tenders attention. Tap screen to start, tap to stop)
> Large list of Beers and Mixed Drinks

Drink Tender is a Drinkers Best Friend! Ever been at a bar or club and just could not get the attention of that bar tender? Let Drink Tender do it for you.
Select your drink of choice, hold your phone out and the easy to read strobing screen will catch the bartenders attention all the way down the bar, even tell her what you would like to order!

Drink Tender has a huge selection of beers, shots and mixed drinks. There is a favorites section to allow the user to quickly select between 8 user defined favorites.

If you dont see your preferred Beer or Drink please email us and we will try to add it in future updates.

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